WellPath, Welcoming Environment for Lifelong Learning in Pathology is a virtual environment for on-line teaching which offers interactive educational material together with tools to control the continuation and evaluation of the student's results, ensure complete interaction between the student and teacher during the learning process and facilitate the re-use of educational content, through its integration in a database. The Spanish version is currently already being used by the Medicine Faculty of the University of Oviedo, as an educational aid to teaching. It offers to its users new ways of content presentation, communication, evaluation, studying and training, using the latest technologies on the Internet. We are currently working hard to maintain and improve the English version of Wellpath and in the near future all course material will be available in English. Then, a complete English version will be ready. While developing the content we have used Macromedia Flash 3.0., an author tool, and also HTML.

Wellpath consists of four main areas: content, personal, communication and services, as well as a help function, sponsors, development team and updates. The content material itself is divided into four categories: Seminars, Sessions, Lessons and Courses. As additional tools you can find communication (forum, chat) and evaluation tools, advise from the professor, a bibliography, a glossary of terms, the student's notes and statistics. There are 4 different types of Wellpath users:

Guest: The guest can consult any of the materials and dispose of the system's utilities except the forums, the chats, urgent messages and internal mail.

Student: The students can access all the material and facilities of the system (including forums, chats, internal mail and urgent messages).

Professor: The professors can access all the material and all the facilities. If they are professors of a specific theme, they have extra options to choose from for that specific theme.

Administrator: Has the highest level of permission.

To use Wellpath you have to subscribe, which is and will remain free of charge. You then have permissions at ´´guest´´ level. If you wish to use the forum and chat services as well you can ask to be upgraded to ´´student´´ permission. For any questions or comments regarding Wellpath do not hesitate to contact us.